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The Mind Is A Fertile Filed Product Installation Contra Common.JPG

The Mind Is A Fertile Field

The Mind Is A Fertile Field Is a creative pursuit examining large group dynamics and commodity culture in the domestic sphere. Themes of entitlement, predatory behaviors and sunk cost fallacy take shape in a fake MLM presented through a series of performances, paintings, sculpture and installation. Through a lens of humor, I am navigating a bit of hostility towards entities and individuals who knowingly take advantage of vulnerable populations with the empty promise of entrepreneurship and wealth. I wanted to tell a story of feeling buried and wanting something better. Notes of false assurances, moments of disassociation, hard & fast relationships and shame are woven through this growing body of work. I take a maximalist approach to painting as a means of preliminary world building to document medleys of memory, wish, and hang-ups. Oil paintings depicting figures surrounded by luxury goods are supplemented with sculpture and installation made from homemade bioplastics, silks and steel. Performance pieces based on aggressive recruiting tactics further entangle storylines with social hierarchies and acts of desperation.  ​ Business models based on recruitment principles often lean cultish and “Party Culture” is a prominent selling tactic for direct sales representatives.It felt natural to extend the pipeline of overconsumption by hawking Eco-Friendly party supplies for Visions reps to sell to their family, friends and other MLM affiliates. You can view these products and learn more about the company in a limited edition zine featuring 14 digital artworks titled "Visions FW 23' Product Catalogue."

*** Visions Bizcorp is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal! We are a principle based global brand with a strict code of ethics. Visions is a B2B lifestyle tool brand for accomplished uplines who want to grow their network and businesses. Our success is seeded by the transformative power of celebrating friends and family!

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