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As a person that holds placemaking and community building in high regard, I am very much interested in contributing to the visual makeup of a city. Each project is unique and I am happy to collaborate with your team to stay true to your entity's brand, culture and community. 

  • Murals can be painted on onsite or on panels to be installed onsite by a professional art installation service.

  • Artwork can also be ordered as large format custom printed wallpaper to be installed by a professional service.

  • With proper surface preparation, murals can be painted on metal surfaces such as shipping containers and travel trailers. I seal these surfaces with a marine layer protectant for extra durability.

  • Murals and feature walls can include 3-D elements and unconventional materials for added texture, dimension and whimsey. These components can be sourced, 3-D printed or hand-fabricated.

  • Engage your space and community with a custom designed paint by numbers mural for your community to participate in

Texas Littery
Detial Texas Littery
Detail Texas Littery
Detail Texas Littery
Detail Texas Littery
The Scotty
Green Doors : TX Hill Country
Green Doors : Barton Creek Greenbelt
Key Martial Arts Mural
Fred Moore Mural
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