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"Go-To's," is a body of work examining the expectations of an individual in society and the spaces we use to facilitate our connection with others. How much have our large modern social networks have catalyzed human extroversion and whereabouts do we maintain, grow or even curb our relationships? Since starting this project, I have entered Motherhood. Elements of anxiety and abundance have ushered in priority for transparency in my relationships as well as a scaling back of my eagerness to please. There are new considerations of what brings about a sense of recharge and wellness with my commitments and selected company and with that, new boundaries to navigate. 


This body of work is focused on maximalist ecosystems. I use painting to document medleys of memory, wish, and hang-ups as a means of preliminary world building. Expansive works in oil are peppered with small supplementary paintings and digital works to fill in storylines. 

Dear Patio, I Love You, 2021, Oil on Stretched Canvas, Diptych 120" x 48"

Go To's :  Limited Edition Prints 

25 digital works are on display on monitors in the gallery. These drawings were created on an iPad using in Autodesk Sketchbook and are all available as museum standard limited edition prints. All works are printed on archival cold press paper with a 1” border for easy framing and are signed and numbered by the artist. Prints can be ordered directly through me and there is also a small selection of prints available for purchase in the Library Gift Shop. Please reach out for a full list of available prints and pricing.

Go To's :  Oil Paintings

I use painting as a means of world building to create complex records of memory, anxiety and wish. Smaller paintings behave as "what if" scenarios, becoming worldly artifacts to enrich the storyline. Starting with drippy, translucent gestures, I slowly build up transparent layers and compulsive mark making. Some works can take up to a year to finish out, so I typically work on several at a time. Most of the colors in a painting will contain some amount of what I would describe as a "mother color," in order to temper the expansive palettes and foster continuity through the piece. I also just don't like wasting paint and appreciate the challenge of transforming a neutral color into something saturated and vibrant.

Dear Patio, I Love You, 2021

Dear Patio, I Love You, 2021, Oil On stretched canvas, Diptych, 120"x48"

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