I Like the Sound Of You Washing Dishes

Oil on Stretched Canvas

48" x 60"


"My interests live in exploration of absurd and messy human narratives. I often probe the relationships a space may facilitate and comb the expectations of the individual in society. I want to create an opportunity to live among objects and within compositions that take shape in a poorly rendered, unbalanced world by way of painting, sculpture and installation. 


Materials hard and soft give way to transparent billowy layers, obsessive mark making and object manipulation. My paintings tend to be complex records of memory, anxiety and wish. Much of my sculptural and installation works are transitional. I source mostly recycled materials and refuse to create over-engineered chattels and place held to the trappings of time. A storyline will always drive the nature of my work, however, it is my intention to leave doors open and questions unanswered for the viewer."

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